Clean Start Diaper Service is a division of Community Workforce Solutions, Inc. CWS has been providing vocational services to adults with disabilities in Wake County for over 49 years. By using our diaper service, you are not only doing something good for your baby and the environment, you’re helping your community as well! The diaper service provides valuable training for individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment as they prepare to get a job.

Value Statement

We respect the choices of and are committed to those we support. We value the trust placed in our organization and strive to maintain high ethical standards.

Vision Statement

Community Workforce Solutions is committed to promoting an environment in which individual choice, self-sufficiency, and a true sense of belonging are hallmark. We are dedicated to supporting each individual in removing barriers to employment and community and fostering independence for a lifetime. We aspire to build partnerships and maintain sound financial management, enabling us to be the choice of the people and the communities we support.


Community Workforce Solutions, Inc., formerly Raleigh Vocational Center, Inc. (RVC) opened in December 1964 in the former Coca Cola Bottling plant located on Glenwood Avenue under the name of Wake County Sheltered Workshop. In May 1972 the agency moved into the main facility at 3011 Falstaff Road, occupying the adjacent ADVP building in September 1980. In 1982 the name was changed to Raleigh Vocational Center, Inc. to reflect a significant change in the types of services provided. The NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the NC Division of MH/DD/SA Services were significant partners as Raleigh Vocational Center began to focus on Supported Employment and other types of Job Placement and Coaching services. In 1989 the main facility and the ADVP building were joined under one roof. The 1990's offered a time of continual change and focused on community based services, with many more individuals receiving services in the community rather than at the facility. That trend continues to be a focus of the Agency today. In July 2003 RVC assumed responsibility for INCO in Henderson, NC. INCO had been in operation since 1984, a program of the VGFW Area Authority, providing an array of services including ADVP and Supported Employment. The joining of Raleigh Vocational Center and INCO/RVC, now Community Workforce Solutions, Inc., expanded both community and agency based services to Vance, Granville, Franklin, and Warren Counties. The name was changed to Community Workforce Solutions, Inc. in 2007. Community Workforce Solutions, Inc. now reflects services, supports, and programs at all locations and within the community.

Our Mission

Community Workforce Solutions is dedicated to supporting persons with disabilities or other barriers to employment as each individual strives to achieve the employment and community integration goals of their choice.