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When using a diaper service, cloth diapers are just as convenient as single use diapers. You simply put the used diaper in the provided pail liner, and you’re done. Each week we drop off a fresh supply of clean diapers. No messes to deal with, extra laundry to do or late night trips to the store to buy diapers! Our diaper service is a small, local business located in Raleigh. Disposables funnel money out of state and do nothing to help the Raleigh community, but utilizing our diaper service keeps your money local.

In Home Consultation

Not sure if cloth diapers are right for you or just want to learn more? We will give you information about our cloth diapers and accessories as well as demonstrate how to use a cloth diaper. If you already know that you want to sign up for our service, we will provide an in home consultation where we can answer any questions and provide any demonstrations you may need.

Our Service area includes Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas.
For more information call 919-218-9430

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